By Mitsue Finch Uchida

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日本では、4月は入学式や入社式など、新生活がスタートする節目の月です。また、暖かな陽気に誘われ、草花が咲き、動物や虫たちが顔を出し始める季節です。そして先月の満月は「Warm moon」と呼ばれ、まさに土から生命が湧き出てきています。4月の満月も素敵な名前で「ピンクムーン」と呼ばれ、4月24日が満月です。是非そのピンクムーンが見れるのを願って!そして日本を代表する「桜」も西 から東へとピンクの花を開花させて皆を楽しませてくれますが、今年は1週間くらい遅れていると聞いています。先月もロイヤルファミリーの健康に関してのお話をしましたが、今月も又キャサリン妃が癌を患っているとのことで公式チャンネルで自ら公表されたというニュースが話題になっています。最高な医療を受けていても,こうやって癌の羅漢は避けられないようです。

Pink Moon

今や2人に一人が癌に罹ると言われる時代、少しでも健康に留意し、[No Smoking, Drinking, Stressing]を守って穏やかな日々をおくりたいですね。しかし、その反面ある程度のストレスは人間には必要とも言われているようですが、色々と考えるよりは、お天気の良い日は桜の花びらを頬に感じながら散歩を楽しみたいものですね。

4月の語源「卯月」は、稲を植える月という意味の「植月(うゑつき)」「種月(うづき)」「田植苗月(たうえなへづき)」が転じた説、一年の最初を意味する「初」「産」の「う」から「卯月」になった説があるようですね。そして「うさぎ」とも関係しているとか・・・ヨガで兎のポーズがあるのですが、頭頂部のエネルギーポイントと呼ばれる「百会(ひゃくえ)」を刺激し、 そこには多くの「気(血液)」が出合う部分であり、自律神経を整えるツボとして知られているので、 副交感神経を優位にすると気持ちがゆったりしてリラックスできることから、就寝前に兎のポーズを行うことがおすすめです。



 うとうとと お昼寝きぶん ああ春だ

 春一番  吹く風冷たい 呼び名だけ

 エイプリル  フールにのるなよ 4月バカ

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In Japan, April is a turning point month when the all schools start and new recruit start working after graduating schools.  It is also the season when the warm weather invites you, flowers bloom, and animals and insects begin to appear. And last month’s full moon was called a “warm moon,” as life was springing up from the soil. The full moon in April is also called the “Pink Moon,” and it is full on April 24th. I hope you can see that pink moon! Japan’s representative cherry blossoms also delight everyone by blooming pink flowers from west to east, but I hear that the cherry blossoms are about a week late this year.

Last month, we talked about the health of the Royal Family, and this month, too, the news that Duchess Kate was suffering from cancer, which she announced on her official channel, has become a hot topic.  Even with the best medical care, cancer arhats seem inevitable. Nowadays, it is said that one in two people will get cancer, so we would like to pay attention to our health and live a peaceful life by observing [No Smoking, Drinking, Stressing]. However, on the other hand, it seems that humans need a certain amount of stress, but rather than thinking about things, I would rather enjoy a walk on a nice day while feeling the cherry blossom petals on my cheeks.

The etymology of April, “Uzuki,” is said to be a corruption of “Uetsuki,” “Uzuki,” and “Tauenahezuki,” which mean the month in which rice is planted. There seems to be a theory that “Uzuki” comes from the “u” in “first” and “birth”, which mean the beginning of the year. It is also related to “rabbits”.

In yoga, there is the rabbit pose, which stimulates the energy point at the top of the head called “Hyakue”, where a lot of “Qi (blood)” meets and stimulates the autonomic nervous system. It is known as a pressure point for adjusting the body, so it is recommended to do it before going to bed, as it makes you feel relaxed when the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant.

Personally, I returned to my old house. My dog ​​seemed confused at first, but now that two weeks have passed, he has gotten used to it and is now I can leave him alone. Well, the weather is still not so great but would like to sincerely enjoy the arrival of the wonderful season when flowers and plants come to life and show colourful scenery. And please check my training session if you have spare time!

     Now it is time for the usual haiku and senryu.

                * I’m about to take a nap. Ah, it’s spring.

    *The First sprig wind  still cold wind blows it is Just a name

                *April Don’t be fooled April fool

Note: Mr Katsura Sunshine will be holding a performance in London for the first time in a while. Let’s have a wonderful spring and have some laughs with Sunshine’s rakugo in April! For ticket information, please check here.

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